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The reason that I started to work out physically that I suffered from depression. I was in an unhappy state of mind. Yes, I remember very well those feelings. That's how I became an independent and mentally strong woman. It was a vision that I had, to become a personal trainer and to pursue this dream even if my parents were against it.

I came to the United States about two years ago. Coming the United States was definitely a challenge for me, especially being a woman alone. First, I did not speak English well. Second, I knew no one here. I had no friends nor family. It's was very hard because, at the adult stage, one is suppose to be in a stable situation. I left my beloved France because I met an American man with whom I felt in love. But, most unfortunately, the relationship did not work out. Gradually, we fell apart. I decided to stay in America and give it my all. All that I had in my pocket was only a couple dollars and a bicycle (yes!). One thing is for sure. Competition has kept alive and striving for better every day. That's why live and breath every day. This is deeply ingrained in my way of thinking and my view of life. I have very strong survivor instincts. So, here I am, progressing, making breakthroughs, achieving, despite all the odds, all the ups and down that I have faced in my life.  I think that this is what motivates me each and every day at the gym and in life in general.
I thank my parents for teaching me to have a strong discipline, honesty, humility, and hard work. My parents always pushed me to be involved in as many sports as possible and to excel at them. I have invested my energies and my hopes in my psychological, physical, and emotional development. I started practising classical ballet at the tender age of five years old. Then I went on to practice karate, basketball, handball, tennis at the junior professional level. I also entered mountain bike competitions. Then I got involved in ninjutsu, kitesurf, track and field, until I embraced Fitness wholeheartedly. At various times during the year in my youth, I was involved in two to three different sports. Going from one practice to another, while balancing my high school schedule to top it off.
When I ended my university studies, I easily got just to going to sport practices and games on a routine basis. And when ended my involvement, I had all this free time on my hands that I did not know what do with it. People who know me can tell you that I easily get bored. They called me "high pace". So, I started going to the gym. I started my first Fitness Class. I did some cardio and then lifted weights at the end. That was it. I became relentless. I embrace fitness completely. When at home, I goofed around and annoyed my parents, my sister, and my brother. I easily became very adept at lifting weights. I always wanted to see how much I could max out at, how far I could go. I pushed myself to go heavier and heavier to go beyond my current limits. There is one thing about me. I crave challenges. I compete with myself every day. I try to push myself beyond the average. Higher and higher is gives me more stamina, more esteem, more courage, and more to be very glad about.
My goal was to show the world that you can feel good inside and outside. And, as a woman, my aspiration was to be both curvy and healthy through fitness. I never really got into any fitness competitions because my life was full of unexpected events. Now, however, I hope that one day, I will turn pro.  I would have to choose a physique - the way that my body is made. The challenge is to mold my body into who I want to be, both mentally and physically. Which is really hard for just about anybody. My unflinching determination, my joy de vivre for fitness, my constant desire to outdo my limits also keeps me going. I enjoy watching my body and how I can transform my body.
This year I have in mind to travel the world, participating in different projects and bussiness opportunities. Someday, however, I hope to open my own LD Fitness Gym, to host seminars. I want to open my own gyms in the future in California and in Florida to help others to gain confidence, to strength, to gain health, and to gain knowledge about fitness, health, and diet. 
Besides fitness, this is what I love do the most - travelling the world and meeting new people. Talking, motivating, inspiring people and to be inspired by them in return. This is such an amazing and fabulous human experience each time. I like to do in person appearances, shows, talk about beauty, health, and fitness, and not least, to do demonstrations. I like to be in front of people and to show them, especially to women in this industry of Fitness, that women with muscles are not negative images, but rather, positives images. 

I like to prove to everyone, men in particular, that it is possible to be beautiful, graceful, muscular, and strong, yet still be feminine all at the same time. That you can feel beautiful all over. You can be whatever you envision yourself to be! Muscle is not a gender!!!! It just takes planning, determination, and commitment. In the last couple years, I have learned at great deal about myself. I have learned what it means to be truly comfortable in my own skin. I have learned and mastered what confidence is, what it looks like, and what it feels like. And there is nothing greater than that confident feeling to succeed and to be happy in life.
Even if it is going to take many years and lots of hard work to get where I want to be, I have full faith and great confidence in myself to achieve my goals. I am fighting to get it done. To all of you guys, I have guts and strength and accomplishments to prove it. It will be insane to stop now. I want thank all of my fans and my clients for all the love and support and happiness that you have given to me since day one. You give me my motivation each and every day in the gym and in my life. I sincerely hope that I can continue to motivate and inspire you to always strive to be your best, physically, mentally, morally, and ethically to be ready to achieve all professional and personal goals. I hope to open your eyes, and show people, that is normal to look different and to think different as long you are confident and happy with yourself. Confidence is the most beautiful and rewarding asset that anyone can possess. Confidence gives you abilities and happiness. So live life with vigor, with confidence, with determination to redefine yourself to achieve at the highest level. 

You are only going to be great if and only if you try each and every day, always keeping your goals within sight.






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